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Encyclopedia - Aermacchi AL-60/Atlas C-4 Kudu

The Aermacchi AL-60/Atlas C4M Kudu is a light, general purpose aircraft designed by Al Mooney of Lockheed. After Lockheed decided that the project is not feasible, it was built under licence by Aermacchi in Italy and the Atlas Aircraft Corporation in South Africa.

The AL-60/Kudu is a semi-cantilever monoplane, with either tricycle or tailwheel undercarriage depending on the variant. The AL-60 is powered by the Continental 260hp engine, while the Kudu has the much more powerful Lycoming 340hp engine. The fuselage is designed in such a way to accommodate up to seven passengers, or two stretchers if used in the medical role.

Military operators include the Mexican Air Force, Mauritania, Rhodesian Air Force, South African Air Force and Tunisia. A number of ex-military aircraft have since been converted for civilian use, and in South Africa a turboprop conversion of the Kudu is also being manufactured for use in the skydiving role.

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Atlas C-4M Kudu


Crew : One/Two
First Flight : 16 February 1974
Country of Origin : South Africa
Accommodation : Seven passengers / Two Stretchers


Number Of Engines : One
Powerplant type : Piaggio-Lycoming GSO-480-B1B3 six-cylinder horizontally-opposed piston engine
Max Power Rating : 254kW (340hp)


Length : 9.04m (29ft 8in)
Height : 3.66m (12ft)
Wingspan : 13.00m (42ft 7.8in)


Max Take-off Weight : 2,040kg (4,497lb)

Landing Gear

Type : Fixed tailwheel type with a single wheel on each unit


Max Speed At Cruising Level : 140kt (260km/h; 161mph)

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