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Encyclopedia - de Havilland DH.115 Vampire

Design of the De Havilland Vampire began in 1942 at the de Havilland Works in Hatfield, UK, under the specification E.6/41. It was built using moulded plywood, similar to the construction technique used to build the de Havilland Mosquito. The layout was a mid-wing monoplane with a single engine. To increase engine performance the aircraft had a very short tailpipe, sporting twin booms to house the rudders and being linked by the elevator. It had retractable undercarriage and a pressurized cockpit.

The Vampire first flew on 30 September 1943, and quickly proved its excellent design. It was the first jet aircraft to be able to take off and land from an aircraft carrier. It was also the first RAF fighter capable of flying over 500mph. The Vampire started service with the RAF 237 squadron in June 1946. Other operators include Australia, Canada, Finland, France, India, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Rhodesia, South Africa and Switzerland.

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de Havilland DH.115 Vampire T Mk.55


Crew : Two
Country of Origin : United Kingdom


Number Of Engines : One
Powerplant type : de Havilland Goblin 35 turbojet
Max Power Rating : 1,587kg (3,500lb)


Length : 10.50m (34ft 5in)
Height : 1.87m (6ft 2in)
Wingspan : 11.58m (38ft)


Max Take-off Weight : 5,860kg (12,920lb)

Landing Gear

Type : Retractable tricycle type with a single wheel on each unit


Max Speed At Cruising Level : 467kt (866km/h; 538mph)

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